Halloween quizzes, questions and answers Halloween quizzes, questions and answers
Halloween quizzes, Halloween quiz questions and answers
Halloween quizzes, halloween quiz questions and answers Halloween quiz questions, Halloween themed quizzes and Halloween quiz answers
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Halloween Quiz (mini round 1) ,Halloween Quizzes, Questions and Answers

halloween quizzes

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Our weekly quiz is a full expertly compiled quiz comprising six themed rounds (60 questions in total), including picture round of 10 questions.

The quiz is supplied by email to you in pdf format, allowing you to print as many picture quiz and answer sheets as you require for your quiz night.

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halloween quizzes

Halloween Quiz (mini round 1)
Quiz Details

 Halloween Quiz (mini round 1)
 £1.20 (10 questions)

A boiling cauldron of horror questions, and things that go bump in the night with this 10 questions quiz round.

Sample Halloween Quiz (mini round 1) Questions:

Q1  Which two movie monsters squared up to each other in a 2003 Newline cinema release?
Q2  In which small Maryland town is The Blair Witch set?
Q3  Who was director of the 1932 classic Freaks which featured dwarves and bearded ladies?

Quiz Categories:

This Halloween Quiz (mini round 1) themed pub quiz belongs to the following categories:
Halloween    Horror    Movies    The Supernatural    

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